• Who is Max Q?

    Max Q is a small/medium customer service focused consolidation business. We provide cost effective ticketing solutions for your business, at the same time differentiating ourselves in the market by providing exceptional customer service.

    Our service is innovative by being responsive and flexible to your business needs. We have a mature and knowledgeable team dedicated in providing the industry with a friendly and efficient service.

    We believe technology is crucial to every good business, however, service is still the key to a great and successful one. Max Q consolidation is committed to providing fast, reliable,  cost-effective and accurate ticketing every time.

    Although a relative newcomer to the consolidation scene, Max Q leverages off the industry expertise and reputation of The Maxim's Group by providing extensive fare and ticketing knowledge so as to ensure you are maximising every financial opportunity.

    Hai Duong

    Hai Duong

    General Manager

    Hai Duong is our General Manager for Max Q, part of The Maxim's Group, that deals with travel consolidation and brokerage ticketing. Hai has been in the travel industry for 22 years and his familiarity with this segment of the industry is owing to his comprehensive experience within this field.

    Hai, with his specialist skill set, plays a pivotal role in development of Max Q as a business. Hai provides significant contribution to Max Q in maintaining client relationships, streamlining processes for each individual client, performing business development strategies and advising more efficient methods of conducting business.

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